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Initiated in 2019, SAHA Art Writing aims to support independent art writing in Turkey. Having begun its first term with Evrim Altuğ’s monthly articles and reviews reporting on the agenda of the art world, the series was undertaken by Kültigin Kağan Akbulut in 2020, who has contributed or commissioned texts as an editor that brought forward current issues of the artistic field in Turkey. In 2021, Murat Alat who was the resident writer and programmer of SAHA Studio, penned texts on artworks that investigate the potentials of the matter, among the projects supported by SAHA in the previous ten years. Most recently, SAHA invited, an artist-centered publishing initiative run by artist Merve Ünsal and curator Özge Ersoy, to develop an editorial framework for 2022.

Supported by the SAHA Art Initiatives Sustainability Fund 2021-22, will publish a series of texts focusing on the weather reporting of the respective locations where the invited artists and writers are based, in the scope of the World Weather Network. The series intends to address the artistic strategies to measure, report, fabulate, and tell stories about the weather, air flows, circulation, and other high to low pressure aspects of our practices and cities. The texts will be accompanied by talks and lectures between spring 2022 and spring 2023.


Founded in 2011, is an online publication, conceived as an artist-centered initiative. Works by artists, studio visits, articles based on and related to conversations on visual practices are published on, imagined as a virtual discussion space. Artists and cultural practitioners trace issues of concern or curiosity publicly on The focus on artists from Turkey reiterates a widening network of people, starting with where we are, to explore where we are going to go, limited only by our own interests, associations, and affinities.
One of the founding principles of is that it is and always will be free to access online.


SAHA Art Writing, which starts out with the text breath of the wind like a small cloud by Merve Ünsal, is to proceed with the participation of different artists and to be complemented by international partnerships and programs at SAHA Studio over the course of a year.

We start this series with a text by artist Merve Ünsal, the founding editor of She discusses the wind as a recurring idea, a traveling sound, a familiar storyteller, an unexpected embrace. Merve’s piece sets the tone for the series that delves into ideas in progress and intimate exchanges we rely on to support each other's practice. 
—Özge Ersoy 

with the breath of the wind like a small cloud 
Merve Ünsal

"Guided by the specters of the nine joints and the breathing wind, this past September, I built With the WindWith the Wind is a radio transmission. Installed on SAHA Studio’s balcony and constructed from locally-derived materials, the wind-catcher made of repurposed ventilation pipes is from where the transmission is made."

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About Merve Ünsal 
Researching the boundaries of photography and text in her works, Merve Ünsal traces the moments and situations when the unspoken is transformed into the unspeakable. Her works are always image-driven and she thinks through the media of photography, video, sound, as well as site-specific installations.The artist who serves as the editor of alongside her artistic practice, has participated at the residency of SAHA Studio in the period of January-October 2021.



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