2022 | Wing Chan

wing chan’s contribution to our ongoing series focuses on reporting on the weather through artist-driven texts and gestures. A translator and editor based between London and Hong Kong, wing introduces a story about the body. The body is adaptive, fragile, and cautious at times: it learns, it breaks, it remembers, it predicts, it warns, it speculates, it whispers. wing draws on knowledge grounded in bodily experience, in relation to her homes and the weather elements that surround them. Unfolding over the past nine months, the piece weaves together three places and moments in time: January when wing wrote a response to our first conversation about weather forecasting in Hong Kong; August when she transferred her text onto a wall, next to a garden of migratory plants in Kassel; and September when she penned the second part of the text in her home in London. –Özge Ersoy 

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weather forecasting lake
wing chan

in the summer of that year i joined a volleyball team outside school that took part in the local league. there i learned how to jump. before then i was trained on the street and was just wild, putting hours in and not knowing what counted as skills and the sports science behind it. experience told me that my muscles carried the memory of yesterday's actions and that was how my body learnt. it had always been like that. in the team training i realised that people move, touch, jump, hit, block, and roll in a particular way. they used the word “mechanical,” meaning to follow patterns in order to maximise speed and the quality of movement. i had my own house style that did not fit in visually and technically and i secretly concluded that mine was more stylish and intuitive. despite our differences they still taught me everything, including how to jump.

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kieu-anh and ze in a stream, kassel, august 2022

About wing chan:

wing chan works at afterall and likes thursdays. ig: wingchanwww


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