Borga Kantürk

Born in 1978 in Izmir, artist, curator and lecturer Borga Kantürk completed his undergraduate degree at the Painting Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts at Dokuz Eylül University. He completed his M.A. in Painting (1999-2003) and his Proficiency in Art at the Dokuz Eylül University. The artist currently works as an Assistant Professor in the Painting Department of the same university. He is the founder of the KUTU portable art gallery (2002), and a co-founder of K2 Art Center in Izmir, where he worked as the Project Director between 2004-2007. Furthermore, he is one of the founding members of 6x6x6 Izmir collective (2017) and KARANTİNA art space (2018).                       

Library of Short Distances

During the SAHA Studio program, I created a modest library of 240 books, which I call the Library of Short Distances. The books were organized alphabetically by title from 0-A to Z, without taking into consideration the author name, the subject, the genre, or years of publication. The reason for this was to evoke the feeling and empathy the titles create, my first encounter with them, their influence on my decision to buy them, and then their contribution to making them my travel companions. This selection, which I have made among hundreds of books that I have received and owned until 2020, consists of books that are less than 120 pages thick and can be read in a few hours, collected to accompany me on short-distance travels.

In order to accompany that physical and mental structure and accumulation, I produced a set of books in the form of three booklets that can be experienced in connection with each other or separately. The first of the trio is “Book of Short Distances: En Route...”; the second is “Library of Short Distances: Index” and the last is an artist book in which I include a sentence from each of the books included in the library, 12 pieces of 20-line text collages, titled “Library of Short Distances: Lines.” 


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