JUNE 2022 - MARCH 2023

Can Küçük

Can Küçük

Born in Antalya in 1993, Can Küçük studied Industrial Design at Istanbul Bilgi University. In his practice, he focuses on elements of the industrial environment particularly those directly related to the body. He pursues the potential functions and the meanings of these elements; transforms them to understand their impact on social conditions; seeks to find the personal within solid structures. Küçük who serves as the director of the artist initiative 5533 since 2021, lives and works in Istanbul.

The on-going works by Can Küçük at SAHA Studio are shaped around the notions of “heat” and “source”. As one of the main determinants of the relationship that the human body forms with its surroundings and the elements of a certain setting tend to develop reciprocally, the heat appears in these works as a method for giving shape; an indicator expressed through color, wording, and symbols; states of crisis caused by the sudden change in their temperatures. The works addressing the source offer a retrospective look at the production process of objects and the ways they create a resource for potential works, while reviewing the person who produces them and conditions around the very production. In the works where these two notions intersect, heat serves as a tool that reveals what’s latent – namely, the source – and to preserve what is desired to be fixed in time as is. Ultimately, it both leads to the resource and helps to move back and forth in time by amalgamating pieces as done in “welding”.

Can Küçük's speech within the scope of WWN Talks:


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