OCTOBER 2021 - MAY 2022

Eser Epözdemir


Born in 1984 in Istanbul, the artist studied Fine Arts at Valencia Polytechnic University and Painting at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. She completed her master's degree at Sabancı University, Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design Department. She focuses on cultural heritage, systemic change, ecological justice, health policies, mechanisms of functioning, inclusion/equality/apathy, the relationship between individual and space, and the way things relate to each other. In addition to her artistic productions, she worked in various areas of the art and culture industry such as magazines and radio. Between 2013 and 2015, she was the managing editor and broadcaster of the Açık Dergi (Açık Radyo 95.0) program. In addition to her research and productions, the artist provides Culture and Art Accessibility Consultancy for individuals with different physical characteristics.

Gathered by scattered 

Is it possible to observe water through the traces it leaves in time? In the center of the city or in areas that are less visible, or in a random moment of the day, could indicators that can help understand, perhaps remember, the flowing time be found? What do these indicators mean for those who experience time? Humans, other living things, plants, even the state of being alive itself… How do all these perceive and/or realize time?

Gathered by scattered consists of the rings formed by a stone thrown into imaginary water, a measuring instrument used since ancient times, namely the hourglass, and the volcanic glass, obsidian, which reciprocates the concept of reflection with the references from the past. Thinking about creating a narrative about water and time, it asks the question: "Is it possible to define and describe time by ‘its traces left on water’?"

This is a research process that starts on an imaginary plane to create a kind of indicator/reflection that will define time. It focuses on the relationship between the individual and space. It is designed to “bring the viewers in a position where they encounter themselves" at point 0 (zero).

Gathered by scattered
is an attempt to observe the relationship between polycentricity and decentralization, in which each stone thrown into the water will create a point 0, hence the formation of new centers. 

Gathered by scattered is produced with the support of SAHA Association, within the scope of SAHA Studio program. 


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