NOVEMBER 2023 - JUNE 2024

İrem Tok

İrem Tok

Irem Tok (b. 1982) lives and works in Istanbul. The concepts such as fragility, temporariness, helplessness lies at the core of Irem Tok’s practice. Playing with the boundaries between human, nature and culture, the artist uses different mediums such as sculpture, painting, animation, ceramics and scenes, and create atmospheres with fine details. Tok's production process includes research, interpretation, discovery, collection, accumulation, thinking, note taking, drawing and combining. By transforming the symbols of knowledge like encylopedias and books she confronts the historical narratives and encourages a subjective one.

She has participated in a number of artist-in-residence programs, including: Kamiyama Air, Japan (2018) Cité des Arts, Paris (2013), Villa Waldberta, Munich (2012),, Munich (2011), School Gate Project of Incheon Foundation for Art & Culture, South Korea (2010), Litmus Community Space, South Korea (2009).

Her solo exhibitions are Close Up, PILOT, Istanbul, Turkey (2019), "Heian No Mori" (Kamiyama, Japan, 2018), "Where I Fell into Earth" (Pilot, Istanbul, 2016), "Against the Wind" (Pilot, Istanbul, 2013) and "Fade Away" (Outlet Galeri, Istanbul, 2011).


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