NOVEMBER 2023 - JUNE 2024

Mehmet Ali Boran

Mehmet Ali Boran

Mehmet Ali Boran (b. 1981, Mardin/Kızıltepe) graduated from the Ceramic Department of Sakarya University's Faculty of Fine Arts in 2007. As an artist, he works with mediums such as video art, Installation, ceramics, performance, and video-novel. Currently residing in Mardin, Boran is one of the organizers of the Contemporary Art Talks at Mişar Art, established in Mardin in 2017. 

In his productions, addressing themes of belonging, displacement, cultural heritage, and memory in conjunction with environmental destruction, Boran delves into multi-layered narratives. He examines the positioning of new generation security systems on the surfaces of his surroundings and the effects of territorial boundaries, urban/rural settlements, and topographic areas in creating a discourse on the surveillance society controlled by authorities. Rather than offering a antropocentric interpretation of space, history, and memory, he proposes a holistic reading of the existing whole. Boran progresses by looking at animals, water, land, stones, air, plants, and cultural remnants from a geontological perspective.

Drawing inspiration from geographical sciences, Boran challenges and fragments the human gaze that both knows and constructs, elevating multiple perspectives in nature and humanity as a form of protest. By approaching his place of residence through a metonymic lens, he strives to open channels that reveal the interconnectedness between local experiences and their global dimensions. As a storyteller, Boran transforms his narratives into forms around restless and trembling images, seeking healing and ways to remedy our societal wounds through art. Through various collective collaborations, he aims to multiply the layers in his works by incorporating new possibilities brought about by collective thinking.


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