NOVEMBER 2023 - JUNE 2024

Merve Kılıçer

Merve Kılıçer

Merve Kılıçer (b.1987, Istanbul) is a multi disciplinary artist and an entrepreneur in art focused activities. She draws inspiration from historic and traditional modes of culture-art production and translates them into contemporary experiences. Her practice urges from personal experiences and tries to find a non-didactic yet politically engaged position in relation to her background and history. Installation, sculpture, performance, traditional print, video and sound are all mediums that create a ground for growth in her practice. She often creates in collaboration with other artists as duos or collectives. She worked with KABA HAT artist collective from 2011 to 2019 and currently active with Eathouse cooking collective. She lives in Rotterdam, The Netherlands as part of W1555 creative community. 

She holds a MFA degree from Piet Zwart Institute in 2019 (Rotterdam), after studying at the Sabancı University Visual Arts Department (Istanbul). Her work has been shown at Framer Framed in Amsterdam, Arter Istanbul, Freiburg Museum für Neue Kunst, and at the 14th Istanbul Biennial. 


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