DECEMBER 19th 2019

Meet-and-Greet with SAHA Studio Artists

SAHA Studio opened its doors to public on Thursday, December 19, 2019 between 14.00 – 20.00. Artists Larissa Araz, Alper Aydın, Özgür Demirci and Sibel Horada opened their studios and met with art professionals and visitors for the first time to introduce the projects they have been developing at SAHA Studio since its inauguration in August, whilst sharing further insight on their ongoing artistic practices by presentations and lecture performances. 

Program: December 19, 2019, 2-8pm

3pm Introductory remarks: Çelenk Bafra and artists

3:30pm Artist Presentation: Alper Aydın

4pm Artist Presentation: Larissa Araz

5pm Artist Presentation: Özgür Demirci

6pm Artist Presentation: Sibel Horada

6:30pm Introductory remarks: Çelenk Bafra and artists


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