3 OCTOBER 2023

Presentation: Tracing the Ottoman Empire in Israel/Palestine | Dr. Avital Barak

Currently the resident of the SAHA's Curatorial Program in collaboration with the New York-based contemporary art institution ArtisDr. Avital Barak is to give a public presentation at SALT Beyoğlu on 3 October 2023, Tuesday at17.00. In her presentation, Barak will delve into her current research project, "Tracing the Ottoman Empire in Israel/Palestine" that is primarily centered on uncovering a neglected and often overlooked historical past and specifically focusing on her region's peripheral perspective on the Ottoman Empire's legacy in Israel/Palestine. During her presentation, Barak is also to impart her working method on collective investigation that she’s been developing in the last six years at the Institute of Public Presence (IPP) within the CDA, Holon. This method places a strong emphasis on the gathering of knowledge as a collective endeavor, intentionally avoiding hierarchy and leadership dynamics. It draws inspiration from diverse sources, including artistic research practices, exploration of physical and virtual spaces, and collaborative efforts spanning multiple disciplines.

Dr. Avital Barak is an associate curator at the CDA (Center for Digital Art, Holon) and a scholar specializing in movement and performance. Her Ph.D. research delves into the various forms of resistance manifested through bodily movement in public spaces. Barak's curatorial work encompasses exhibitions rooted in research, public events, and collaborative research groups. Over the past decade, she has curated solo and group exhibitions based on research in Israel and internationally. Her articles have been published in esteemed Hebrew and English journals and publications.

The presentation will be held in collaboration with SALT.


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