FEBRUARY 20, 21, 22, 2020

SAHA Studio Open

SAHA Studio Open Studio

Artists Larissa Araz, Alper Aydın, Özgür Demirci and Sibel Horada have participated in the first term of SAHA Studio, which began in August 2019. The projects that the artists have completed at SAHA Studio during the six month period were on view on February 20, 21, and 22 following a press conference and professional preview on February 19, between 11am and 8pm. The works including video, photography, sculpture, and installation were presented during a three-day programming with artist talks, conversations, and performances. 

SAHA Studio Open Days and Events: 

February 20, (THURSDAY) 2020

6-7pm Conversation: Alper Aydın and Yasemin Ülgen (birbuçuk ecology and art studies)

Alper Aydın talked about his 3 separate projects, in which he incorporated his experiences in the geographies he is inspired by, the results of his physical and mental synthesis, the dynamics of the relationship between humans and nature relations to address the chaotic and destructive aspects of human evolution and existence on nature together with Yasemin Ülgen from birbuçuk, which produces work on ecology and art.

7-8pm Conversation and music performance: Özgür Demirci and project team

As part of the conversation program, Özgür Demirci made a presentation about his project titled "The Things I Want to Tell You" together with his team members, who were involved in the creative process of the project. Following the conversation, Çağrı Akoğul, who produced the video’s soundtrack and sound design, made a performance. 

February 21, (FRIDAY) 2020

6-7pm Presentation - Performance: Larissa Araz

Larissa Araz made a performance about the background of her project titled “Begin to See through the Darkness”, which she created during SAHA Studio. Departing from a news report, Araz investigated a fig tree found in Cyprus. This tree came out of the belly of Ahmet Cemal, who was killed in 1974, and has marked the murder by growing on a land not suitable for the cultivation of the fig tree. The project examines the relationship between murder, funeral and historiography through sin, land and myths. During the performance, Araz shared articles and stories she discovered through her research process, which guided the production of her project.

7-8pm Conversation: Sibel Horada and Ayşe Erek

The presentation included a conversation between Sibel Horada and with Ayşe Erek following the screening of a video shaped by the narration of Horada’s project titled "Taksim [Division] Means to Divide", which she worked on during SAHA Studio. Following the screening, Erek, who works on urban image production and imagination, talked with Horada, who imagined that this maksem, an old water structure after which Taksim Square is named, quietly maintains its resource allocation function, about the concepts of space-decimation, memory and belonging.

February 22, (SATURDAY) 2020

3-5pm Panel and Q&A Çelenk Bafra and SAHA Studio artists


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