19-21 OCTOBER 2023

SAHA Studio Open

SAHA Studio Opens Its Doors on 19 October

Designed by SAHA as a program of research, interaction and production for artists and curators, SAHA Studio presents the works of Cansu ÇakarBurak DelierMerve ErtufanBurak Kabadayı and Evrim Kavcar on 19-21 October 2023. Hosted by Bilsar Arka Bina in Şişhane during the program’s restructuring process, SAHA Studio Open is accompanied by talks on the artists' production processes. In addition to the artists, SAHA Studio Open aims to present the practice and latest projects of guest curator Akis Kokkinos, who comes from Athens for 6 weeks in collaboration with ARTWORKS.

Cansu Çakar
, who came from Izmir in March to temporarily reside in Istanbul upon the invitation of SAHA Studio, presents a series of garden depictions that interpret different public spaces devoted to landscaping, ranging from 18th-century promenade areas to today's national gardens through concepts such as fear and pleasure, coupled with a public intervention. Merve Ertufan, who lives between Istanbul and Delhi, delves into the relationship between coincidence and meaning by means of two interactive works: one that generates new words from randomly selected letters inspired by the stress wheel and the other that allows constructing new texts based on a recently developed geometric form. Burak Delier, who refers to the data and contradictions of social history in his works, points to the artistic potential of fiction and fabulation by centering on Selçuk Parsadan, the famous swindler of the 90s in his improvisational video-narrative work, a format he attempted for the first time during his SAHA Studio residency. Burak Kabadayı problematizes space as a phenomenon that depends on perceptual experiences and environmental interactions in his installation, which begins as a space-based research but evolves into an open-ended experiment. Evrim Kavcar's studio space, configured by employing distinct mediums including video, text, and sound turns into a narrative that bespeaks of the notion of flying attributed to different beings and objects from different temporalities and geographies.

Advised by the 2023-2024 SAHA Studio Selection Committee consisting of Çelenk Bafra, Kevser Güler and Ali Kazma, the artists’ works in different mediums can be seen on 19-21 October between 12 - 7 pm daily.

SAHA Studio Open

19-21 October 2023, 12 - 7 pm
Bilsar Arka Bina
Evliyaçelebi Mah. Kıblelizade Sokak No.5 
34430 Beyoğlu, İstanbul

19 October, Thursday
12-7 PM: SAHA Studio Open
5 PM: Cansu Çakar & Ozan Ünlükoç, Conversation with the artist
6 PM: Burak Kabadayı & Oğuz Karayemiş, Conversation with the artist

20 October, Friday
12-7 PM: SAHA Studio Open
5 PM: Burak Delier & Amira Arzık, Conversation with the artist
6 PM: Evrim Kavcar & Ceren Ercan, Reading & Conversation with the artist

21 October, Saturday
12-7 PM: SAHA Studio Open
5 PM: Merve Ertufan & Dilek Winchester, Conversation with the artist 
6 PM: Meeting with Akis Kokkinos*

*The event is in English.


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