Kevser Güler

Kevser Güler’s researches focus on the conditions of being and potentialities of artworks and exhibitions. Güler, was the Director of Exhibitions at Yapı Kredi Culture and Arts between 2020-2021, conducted researches on Arter’s collection from 2014 to 2019. Güler who worked for the Istanbul Biennial between 2007–2014, was elected as the new director, curator and researcher of the biennial in 2024.

A selection of recent exhibitions and projects Güler has undertaken curatorial responsibilities include: Sympathetic System, Karşı Sanat, İstanbul, 2022; Canan Tolon, Yes, We are Open! Tersane İstanbul, İstanbul, 2022; This Place, YKKS, İstanbul, 2021-2022; Coulisse: Hagop Ayvaz, A Chronicler of Theater, YKKS, İstanbul, 2020-2021; Meydan, Deniz Gül, YKKS, Istanbul, 2020; Milat, Lale Müldür, YKKS, Istanbul, 2020; On Celestial Bodies, Arter, Istanbul, 2020-2021; Anadolu Kültür Research and Production Project: ԱԱ / FF / GG (Ապագայի Ապագա / The Future of Future / Geleceğin Geleceği), Istanbul, Yerevan, Lisbon, 2020; Rocks and Winds, Germs and Words, Kerem Ozan Bayraktar, Sanatorium, Istanbul, 2019; Magnet and the Moon, Nilbar Güreş, Galerist, Istanbul, 2019; flesh and bone, second exhibition, Bilsart, Istanbul, 2019; Potato Growers, book and research, Istanbul, Nevşehir and Rotterdam, 2019; flesh and bone, first exhibition, Operation Room, Istanbul, 2019; The Future of Ecology, Corridor Project Space, Amsterdam, 2018; colony, Kaos GL second exhibition, Istanbul, 2017; Ways Out From The World, Cappadox, Nevşehir, 2017.

Güler has been a consultant, an educator and a jury member of numerous arts programs including SaDe (İstanbul), TAPA (Tekirdağ), Berlin Senate Residency (Berlin), Lucy Art Residency (Kavala), Queer Art Residency (Ankara), İstanbul Biennial ÇAP (İstanbul), Mişar Art (Mardin). She is an advisory board member of Sanat Dünyamız since 2021. 


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