Asu Aksoy, Kerem Ozan Bayraktar, Aslı Uludağ - Marmara

This publication project describes the gamification process of complex environmental problems through the Marmara game and is not intended as a game guide. The main purpose of the publication is to propose mapping methods between gamification mechanics and environmental dynamics as a model that can be used to address environmental problems. Marmara is a four-player board-game. Played with the beings of the Marmara Sea as characters, the game is centered on survival in a rapidly changing ecosystem.


Çağla Özbek - Voice, Vitrine, Tar: Unreliable Narrators from Archive to Memoir, Fiction to the Visual Arts

Supported within the scope of SAHA Sustainability Fund 2023, in Voice, Vitrine, Tar: Unreliable Narrators from Archive to Memoir, Fiction to the Visual Arts, writer and researcher Çağla Özbek pursues ‘unreliable narration’ as an effective construct in revisiting feminist archives and imaginations, providing an invaluable method in doubling down on the critical breaks between recorded history and lived reality not only within the bounds of fiction writing, but also in visual arts and archival tendencies.

Dante ve Istakoz 2023

Garp Sessions: Documentation and Commissioned Works 2019-2022

Within the scope of SAHA Sustainability Fund 2023, SAHA provided publication support for Garp Sessions's book titled Garp Sessions: Documentation and Commissioned Works 2019-2022. The book aims to create an opportunity for dialogue between past participants as well as members of our extended Garp Sessions community.

A4 Ofset 2023

Maury Vaughan & Melike Taşçıoğlu Vaughan - Labor of her hands Light of her eyes

Within the scope of SAHA Sustainability Fund 2023, SAHA provided publication support for Maury Vaughan and Melike Taşçıoğlu Vaughan's book titled Labor of her hands Light of her eyes. The exhibition with the same title accompanying the book was realized in the impressive setting of Dalyancı Mansion in Eldem Art Space. Unlike archaeology, which has a patient and methodological practice, Melike and Maury use a fragmented narrative to reconstruct the life of a mysterious woman through art, craft, biography and social commentary.

Ofset Yapımevi 2023

Nasan Tur - hunted

SAHA provided publication support for Nasan Tur’s book with the same title, prepared in the context of the exhibition hunted, which took place at Berlinische Galerie between May 26, 2023 - January 4, 2024. Nasan Tur deals with the political and social conditions of our time. His works are experimental arrangements that make ideologies, social norms and patterns of behavior visible and expand them with options for individual action. To do this, he examines statements, gestures and images that he finds in the media and in public space and condenses them into miniatures of current social crises and discourses. The focus is on the question of how given role models influence us and when we are ready to cross borders and actively change social patterns in the face of oppression, powerlessness and manipulation.


Argonotlar - Almanak 2022

SAHA provided publication support for the book titled Almanak 2022 by Argonotlar, an independent and polyphonic contemporary art publication that was founded in February 2020 and has been working since January 2021. The book is a compilation of articles published on their website throughout the year.


Alper Aydın - Fata Morgana

Alper Aydın's first solo exhibition Fata Morgana takes its name from a rare weather and sea phenomenon. This phenomenon occurs when air masses disperse vertically, creating an optical reflection between layers of air of different densities, appearing as an object or a collection of objects suspended on the horizon. The exhibition is curated as a post-apocalyptic reflection of images of extraordinary scenarios.


Fatma Bucak - While the Dust Quickly Falls

SAHA provided publication support for Fatma Bucak's book with the same title, prepared in the context of the exhibition While the Dust Quickly Falls, which took place at Kunsthaus Dresden between June 11 - October 2, 2022. The book While the Dust Quickly Falls considers the relationships between political violence, environmental destruction, and climate change. It moves across disparate geographies in Mediterranean cities connected by the catastrophic impact that conflict and war have had on their ecologies.


Gülsün Karamustafa - Parallel Lives, Parallel Aesthetics

SAHA has provided support for Gülsün Karamustafa’s exhibition and publication at Van Abbemuseum. Curated by Charles Esche, was held on 27 November 2021 – 13 March 2022, "Parallel Lives, Parallel Aesthetics" displayed a comprehensive retrospective spanning the life of León Ferrari, paired with a full overview of the work of Gülsün Karamustafa.


Leyla Gediz - Layer from Background

SAHA supports Leylâ Gediz's book, Layer From Background that accompanies her solo exhibition of the same title, which took place between April 2 and May 14, 2022 inside the EPUL building of Lisbon’s Martim Moniz square, hosted by Tecla PLAY Association. In the deserted courtyard of the 60-year-old building by Bartolomeu da Costa Cabral, which had lost its function as a passage ever since being closed to the public, Gediz presented the paintings she produced during the pandemic, whilst still a foreigner in Lisbon, for the first time. Her project was awarded the support of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. The book, which is designed by Ana Luísa Bouza, goes beyond documenting the exhibition, it contains two original texts by Övül Ö. Durmuşoğlu and Luíza Sol, and a full transcript of the conversation between the still-living architect Costa Cabral and Luísa Sol.

TECLA PLAY - Associação Cultural 2022

Ten Years Of Solidarity: SAHA

Aykan Safoğlu - I'll be your mirror

SAHA provides publication support for Aykan Safoğlu’s solo show at Kunstverein Göttingen, held on 2021." I'll be your mirror" is an exhibition and publication project developed along with the artistic work as well as the life and migration story of the artist Aykan Safoğlu. In the project, curated by Vincent Schier together with the artist, Safoğlu's companions are brought into the center – thus creating a multi-voiced exhibition that tells stories about friendship, networks, activism, and migration and turns the solo show into a group project. 

Kunstverein Göttingen 2021

Volkan Kızıltunç - Sonder

SAHA provided publication support for Volkan Kızıltunç's book titled "Sonder", which was prepared in the context of the exhibition Volkan Kızıltunç & August Sander - The Look, held at Haifa Art Museum between 10 February - 25 June 2022. Sonder tries to shed light on the gaps in memory revealed through photography. The book is a compilation of macro photographs of 8mm and super 8mm films shot in Turkey, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, the USA, Italy, Israel and the UK in the 1960s, 70s and 80s.


Sena Başöz - Riverbed

SAHA provided publication support for Sena Başöz's book titled "Riverbed" a companion to her project titled Ars Oblivionis, which she realized in Lotsremark Projekte in 2020. Sena Başöz’s Riverbed builds on interviews she conducted with migrants and archivists in Basel. These conversations are set against a fictional end-of-the-world scenario inspired by current catastrophic trends. Using the river as a metaphor for memory in flux, she asks: “What would remain if the river Rhine stopped flowing? What would you want to keep?”

Lotsremark Projekte 2022

Necla Rüzgar - My Name Was Written On Every Page

The accompanying publication to Rüzgar ’s exhibition held in Grimmwelt Kassel with the same title. My Name Was Written On Every Page comprises a cross-section of highly expressive works consisting of paintings and drawings in which Rüzgar turns time and again to myths and legends to address the cultural and social conditions of being a woman in a misogynistic environment. Edited by Peter Stohler and Christina Soose, including Curator Kevser Güler’s text, the publication available in German, Turkish, and English.

GRIMMWELT Kassel modo Verlag GmbH 2021

Füsun Onur - Once Upon A Time...

SAHA provided publication support for the comprehensive monography accompanying Füsun Onur's installation Once Upon a Time, curated by Bige Örer, for the Pavilion of Turkey at the 59th International Art Exhibition, Venice Biennale. Co-edited by Bige Örer and Nilüfer Şaşmazer, the publication details almost all of her works, while it also includes twenty-six new essays by essential figures in the art world such as Anne Barlow, Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, Defne Ayas, İz Öztat, Hera Büyüktaşçıyan, Leyla Gediz and Iwona Blazwick.


Çınar Eslek - KRAASANAB

Within the scope of the SAHA Sustainability Fund: Covid-19, SAHA provided publication support for Çınar Eslek’s book, titled KRAASANAB. Designed as a photo novel, with Çınar Eslek’s illustrations and Yekhan Pınarlıgil’s words, it is a dream book “ between dream and nightmare, right in the middle of the battle between reverie and reality”. 


Erol Viron Vert - Family Matters

SAHA provided publication support for Erol Viron Vert’s new book titled Family Matters: Conversations About Old Spirits, the Question of Belonging, and Complementary Spaces.Edited by Kristina Kramer and Didem Yazıcı, the book documents the cross-section of Erol Iron Vert’s works that have been created between the metropolises of Berlin, Istanbul, and Athens.

Distanz 2021

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