SAHA Association was founded to support artists, curators, and writers working in visual arts from Turkey in improving their production and development environments, and to enhance their interactions with international art institutions and networks.

Since 2011, SAHA has supported 650 different artists, curators, writers, and art initiatives for their projects in museums, biennials and non-profit art organizations in 46 countries.

"SAHA is a ground-breaking institution dedicated to fostering contemporary art and creativity in Turkey. Its support of artists from Istanbul and all over Turkey on international platforms expresses its global vision. I have had the privilege of working with SAHA both in dOCUMENTA (13) in 2012 and for the Istanbul Biennial in 2015, and I have always been impressed by SAHA's ability to nurture artistic practices in Turkey through studio residency programs, artistic production and scholarly publications. SAHA puts people together and makes art happen."

Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev

Curator, writer

"SAHA not only supports Turkish artists to be present across the world in full energy and strength. What is more important is to consolidate Istanbul as a true center of contemporary creation for the global community. This is particularly meaningful in this time when cultural life and public freedom are under threats due to regressions of democracy all around the world. The current sanitary crisis has added even more pressure on the situation. But heroically SAHA stands by her principle and continue to promote new talents, with even more efforts. This sheds much light and hope for all of us."

Hou Hanru

Artistic Director, MAXXI

"SAHA is a force of good. It enables artists and cultural workers in their shared search for a new kind of a multitude in the global art world. SAHA is deeply committed to the ever-changing needs of its constituency. With an evolving network of cultural partners across intellectual and geographical borders, it provides us all the much-needed support, as we sense imaginative pathways into field of contemporary art and its practices and create daring projects, collaborative contexts, and interdisciplinary frameworks that are - hopefully- of lasting cultural meaning."

Defne Ayas

Curator and Artistic Director, 13th Gwangju Biennale

"SAHA is an essential force for Turkish artists, cultural workers and institutions, and has made an incredible difference to what these can achieve, in Turkey and beyond. It has grown an active and engaged community of art lovers, that foster forward-thinking enlightened philanthropy through close care, attention, commitment and dedication to artists, cultural workers and organisations and their needs. SAHA works with an ambition that is in tune with artists and the art ecology. It nourishes the field through openness, responsiveness and taking risks with its support, all of which are essential to the creation of great things in art."

Emily Pethick

General Director, Rijksakademie

"SAHA has quietly existed behind its long list of events with numerous supported projects since its establishment. By recently extending its impact through SAHA Studio, SAHA brings artists together and succeeds in keeping their relationships alive. We always need this solidarity, even more during the pandemic days."

Gülsün Karamustafa


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